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TechBubble Technologies founder, Adam Milton-Barker, will be demonstrating our Artificially Intelligent CCTV Network, TASS A.I. Network, at the Intel Booth at Codemotion this May as part of his role as an Intel Software Innovator.

Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, with a network of more than 30k developers.

The TASS Network is made up of IoT connected video cameras and a local hub which homes an IoT connected Convolutional Neural Network. The hub can connect to multiple IP cameras on the network and first detects if there is a face, or faces, present in the frames, and if so passes the frames through the trained model to determine whether the face is a known person or an intruder. In the event of a known person or intruder the server communicates with the IoT JumpWay which executes the relevant commands that set by rules, for instance, controlling other devices on the network or raising alarms in applications etc.

Our participation in this event will be sponsored by Intel.


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